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The SSMCC was started with the purpose of providing all Classic Car owners and enthusiasts with the opportunity to associate with other people with like interests.   This includes but is not limited to showing, building, driving, buying and selling any vehicles other than typical daily driver cars.  You do not have to own a Muscle Car, but…………

The primary goals of the club are:

  • To have fun with our hobby at various meets and social events.
  • To promote increased interest statewide in older cars in times of increasing fuel costs.
  • To make owning a Muscle Car enjoyable with others of similar interests and resulting in lasting friendships.
  • To assist each other aquiring information, parts and discounts as a large buying group for your car and benefiting from fellow members “Day Job” activities. 
  • Spend monies generated throughout the year on our membership and charitable causes. This includes functions, charity, and various worthwhile causes
  • Dissiminate information of interest to members by Newsletter and E-mails helping dues paying members of the organization to enjoy significant benefits by joining forces with others who share a common interest in cars and providing the opportunities to participate in club shows and activities.

Clubs, however, are made up of people. It is these people, our members, who provide assistance, help promote the hobby, and participate in group activities. The success of this club depends on its members working to achieve our common goals and objectives. This places a great deal of responsibility on our members, yet after payment of dues in January NOTHING is REQUIRED of you as a member.    Some may sit back and simply wait for the newsletter to arrive which is fine and you can continue to be a member in good standing though in-active.

The active members of our club are encouraged to do their part to contribute their ideas, energies, and talents toward the attainment of our club goals and objectives. This involves attending and participating in the few meetings and also Car Shows we will have ourselves and supporting various Club targeted functions that support other groups and in so doing enjoy the comraderie of our fellow members

Another goal is to assure that a few kids each year have a good Christmas that otherwise they would not see, we adopt as many families as our moneys will allow each year around the holiday season and see they have a good and happy holiday, the smiles tell the entire story and warm your hearts.  Potential Candidates will be solicited from our membership.




This section scares everyone experienced with Car Clubs – Don’t worry it’s fairly basic and common sense!


1.  Play Nice!   Frank (President) reserves the right to terminate membership of anyone without notice or refund acting in a manner not becoming of a club member.   No loud drunks looking for a fight are welcome!  Watch the language when ladies and kids are present, avoid degrading remarks with regard to other members, clubs etc. etc.


  1. Some clubs don’t allow members to be affiliated with other clubs.   This is for fun!  Join as many others as you want and bring some ideas back to us!
  2. Treat each other and members of other groups with respect just as you’d like to be treated by them.  
  3. If you must have a boom box in your car, don’t subject the old farts to it’s thunder.   It makes our stock radios look rather puny and probably other members will hate your music.


Benefits of Membership  


Think of it as you just joined Sam’s Club!   We hope to gain buying power collectively and be able to recommend dealers and fellow members where the club membership will earn you a discount on purchases in your area and the internet.  We hope to add many more to this list but presently wholesale stocking warehouse distributor prices are available to all members for merchandise from Ecklers, ProComp www.procompelectronics.com Spectre Industries www.spectreperformance.com Racing Power Co. www.racingpowercompany.com etc.   Contact Frank for your purchase info.   These companies will not sell directly to a member.  Other companies such as Year One and Rick's First Gen.Camaro will sell directly but you'll get a better price thru the club. 


You Will Have Organization/Club Affiliation - A Source Of Information For Regional & State Activities, Numerous discounts are afforded to club members.  You Get a Cool Hat and T-shirt with each membership, Newsletters, get togethers and a network of like-minded enthusiasts.   We have engine builders, racers, body specialists, parts scroungers, newsletter and a whole bunch of friendly people who know just about everything or will put you in touch with someone who does.    


Club Shirts and merchandise available to members at insanely low prices.   Non members pay 50% markup.


Access to Dealer Only Car auctions for your next car purchase!   Rules do apply however.


We are a statewide organization not limited to any one area.   Most activities will be in central Florida on the  west coast to be equidistant from both ends of the state.   Current membership lists will be available along with e-mail addresses of fellow members beginning in January 2009 ( only members who agree to have theirs made available will be listed)   Eventually we’ll have a network of Chevy, Mopar, Pontiac, Corvette and Mustang owners with the same interests as you!   Maybe even AMC and Falcons!


 Cruise in

With the abundant cruise in spots throughout the state we encourage members to attend as many as time will allow.   With gas prices climbing and being internet based we have no plans for formal weekly cruise - ins of our own but occasionally a super cruise in may be planned for those willing to make that extra effort!     Other interesting west central Fl. cruise in spots are Pit Boss BBQ on US 19 in Spring Hill hosted by the SHMCC and Chik Fil A on state Rd 50 in Spring Hill hosted by the Drifters.   If you need to burn off some of that gas head for the closest one!  



Having just come together we have none so far - We're depending on you to help with that and Hoky has vounteered to keep records of what we have!    Watch what you say he'll surprise ya.!   As for the club name, Frank was a member of the Sunshine State Camaro Club for 16 years and President of the Spring Hill Muscle Car Club for 12 years and somehow came up with the very original name of the Sunshine State Muscle Car Club !

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